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The database currently contains 1 interpretation to the remändebeslag found in Hedenstorp (NoR12; Axelson 1997 ?) :

Inscription: ffuu(4?)þ(1?)fi(ŋw)[?] | (d) | 

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Reading: ffuu ˈ oo ˈ gg ˈ þsfŋw | 
1. interpretation: ffuu oo gg þsfŋw 
Translation: FUTHARK 
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  No. Author Title Year  
  Fischer, Svante.  Alemannia and the North - Early Runic Contexts Apart (400-800). In: Alemannien und der Norden. Internationales Symposium vom 18.-20. Oktober 2001 in Zürich, (hg.) Naumann, Hans-Peter. Berlin 2004, 266-317.  2004   


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